foam parties

If you STILL haven’t been to one of these unique events, you need to get up, come down and strip off with us to experience something quite extraordinary.

If you want to frolic and play in the foam all afternoon, or prefer to keep your kindling dry in the cruising area, we promise you a friendly welcome and a fantastic, relaxed, naked afternoon with like-minded guys of all ages, shapes, colours and sizes – whether you want to get up to your neck or just down to your knees!

As usual, we open up the whole club for your fun and pleasure, providing a large bar, seated chill-out and play room and even an outside smoking area. Naturally, our fabulous DJs D’viant and MarKus will keep our big foam-filled dancefloor all a-froth with their very special anthems and remixes to keep you bubbling all afternoon under the lasers and smoke (and foam!).

What more could you need? Well, we even provide a free cloakroom and buckets of condoms and lube… how we spoil you.

Don’t forget our top Five Foamy Tips for a safe and fun foamy adventure:
1 Wear old shoes or sandals with a grip.
Things get kind of wet and dirty, as we like it!
2 Bring a towel and dry footwear for afterwards. You will be glad you did.
3 Be aware that everything gets slippery (including the fellas). So watch your step.
4 Sensitive skin?
Enjoy the foam in short bursts and cover yourself in baby oil.
(Please be aware that baby oil may weaken condoms)
5 If foam stings your eyes, rinse well with cold water and take a break.