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NUDITY is the UK's longest running, men-only, all-naked dance club, running two very special parties each month. Remember, everyone is naked, with no exceptions!

Our naked Dance n Cruise party is held on the FOURTH Friday of each month from 10pm to 4am. This is a friendly, intimate and chilled party, where you can relax in the bar or shake your stuff on the dancefloor with our fabulous DJ's, Markus and D'viant.

Our unmissable Naked Foam Parties are a totally unique experience, held on the SECOND Sunday of each month (3pm to 9pm). Imagine a large dancefloor, fantastic music and lasers plus a huge crowd of sexy naked men dancing and playing in gallons of clean, white foam? Sounds like fun? Now add a large bar and an intimate play area, and you have a party like no other!

Nudity is celebrating ten years of naked partying this year and is delighted to welcome fun fellas of all ages, shapes and sizes to our events, so why not drop everything and come and join us?

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Nudity's page on Facebook is a 'closed group', so no-one can see your membership on your profile. It is updated on a fairly regular basis and is a place where you can post links and find other members. So if you have a Facebook profile, please join our group. Click here to go to the group's page and then click Join Group.

frequently asked questions

If you are thinking about coming to Nudity for the first time, we know that you may have some questions for us.

What is Nudity?

Nudity is the largest all-naked men-only dance club in the UK, with a large dancefloor, excellent lighting and great music provide by our resident (naked) DJs D’viant and Markus. The music is always a mix of fun and uplifting classics, unique remixes and the latest favourites. We have also provide a seated chill out area and play room.

Do I have to be naked?

Yes, that’s rather the point! If you haven’t tried public nudity before, we understand it can be daunting which is why we (and our members) work hard to be sure that Nudity is welcoming and relaxing (and rather sexy) for everyone. Most first-timers tell us that it is ten minutes of terror followed by a whole load of fun, as they soon relax and join the party!

Still a bit nervous, tell me more.

Well, we welcome hundreds of guys to our parties, so you won’t be alone at Nudity, and you can easily hide in the crowd or choose a darker space to wait in while you gather some courage should you need to. When you do come out of the shadows, we are pretty sure you will experience something quite unique and a lot of fun!

Let’s get practical, what happens when I arrive?

Once you have paid to come in you will get a large bag to put your clothes and other belongings into. Once naked, you take this to our FREE cloakroom where it is guarded for the whole party.

How to I pay for drinks?

The bar will take cash or cards. We can only take cash at the door. We will give you a little money bag at the door that you can put into your sock.

Can I bring poppers?

Yes, but only if they are unopened (sealed). This is to avoid drugs being brought into the venue. Opened bottles will be held by security until you leave. We sell poppers at the door.

Can I use my mobile phone?

No, all mobile phones must be left in the cloakroom with your clothes and other belongings. Nudity operates a 'no phones or cameras' policy.

Can I play?

Yes, anywhere you like, though we ask you not to get in the way of the dancing! We always have a seated chill out area to relax and play, but we don’t really mind where you do it! Condoms and lube are always freely available.

What are the bar prices like?

Average for a London club, but more than a pub, as you would expect.

Where can I smoke?

We have a private, outdoor smoking area, and provide dressing gowns. We are happy to look after your cigarettes at the door if you wish.

Can I get membership?

Membership is always available at the door, though it is not compulsory, and allows reduced admission for 12 months. Please ask at the door when you arrive.

Should I wear shoes?

Highly recommended, for safety, and to give you somewhere to stash your cash! For the Foam Parties we recommend old trainers or sandals (something with a grip) as things get wet n messy, just as we like them.

Any special advice for the Foam Parties?

Click here for further information on the Foam Parties.

What kind of people come?

All kinds of naked, sexy people come, of many sizes, ages and colours. We have many young lads and some very sexy daddies. One of the best things about partying naked is that these things don’t seem to matter. Why not join us and find out for yourself?

We hope these FAQs will help, but, if not, please contact us at .

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